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weekend update. - Digging for the Truth fans
Extreme archaeology community XD
weekend update.

Long time no see, I know, I know. Not that there's anything in the way of new episodes. But I am starting to hear bits about the new hosts, so when I can sit down and find some stuff on them I shall post it here. I've been busy with Real Life™ lately. ^^;

And I have been back for a few weeks from taking a BOSS course, and I have to say if you ever have the chance, DO IT. It's probably one of the coolest, hardest, most satisfying things i've done ever. HUGELY worth the lack of showers. :D I'll be posting more about it later; i'm working on a writeup for my own journal and can cross-post if anyone is interested.

Here are some upcoming episodes:

Digging For The Truth : Search for King David Airs on Monday July 16 10:00 PM
Digging For The Truth : Search for King David Airs on Tuesday July 17 02:00 AM

King David is the shepherd poet who slays the giant Goliath, according to the Old Testament. He then goes on to become the first king of a united Israel. Some scientists claim that the archaeological evidence appears to call the story into question; others believe they have already found the evidence to prove that it is true. Join host Josh Bernstein as he examines an ancient basalt slab inscribed with David's name, recreates his famous fight with Goliath, and descends through a secret waterway into the heart of Jerusalem.

Digging For The Truth : Quest for King Solomon's Gold. Airs on Monday July 30 10:00 PM
Digging For The Truth : Quest for King Solomon's Gold. Airs on Tuesday July 31 02:00 AM

Of all the rulers mentioned in the Bible, King Solomon was purportedly the wisest...and the richest! The reason? His access to vast quantities of gold. According to the Bible, the source of his legendary wealth was the goldmines located in the mysterious land of Ophir. Yet, what the Scriptures can't tell us is where Ophir might be found today. Host Josh Bernstein leads us on an epic 4,000-mile journey in search of the lost gold of King Solomon--sailing across the Red Sea, plunging down a Zimbabwean gold mine, and traveling deep into the Ethiopian Bush.

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bonnie77 From: bonnie77 Date: July 14th, 2007 03:03 am (UTC) (Link)
I would love to hear about your experience at BOSS!
From: (Anonymous) Date: July 15th, 2007 03:06 pm (UTC) (Link)

Josh, thanks for the update on what you've been doing!!

Hey, Josh, I'm one of your biggest fans from "Digging for the Truth" and I've been seriously suffering from the lack of your presence on the tube!! I'm glad to hear that you're still taking courses at BOSS!! Glad to hear that you've been busy, and I know that you won't be appearing on Discovery Channel with your New show until January. So, I guess I'll have to be content with Re-Runs of your old shows, until you show up on your New ones!! My best to you, and I hope that you find your "tall, Blonde, Jewish" adventurous girl! I fit every category, except that I'm not Jewish, which is a big one for you...too bad.
Stay well, keep busy, and be happy. I'm looking forward to your New shows on Discovery, and the establishment of your New Official Fan Club. I was a member of your Old Official DFT Fan Club and loved your posts!
take care,
Dianne Weiland
2 comments or Leave a comment