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Digging for the Truth fans

Extreme archaeology community XD

Digging for the Truth fan community
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A brand-new, shiny fan community for the History Channel's "extreme archaeology" program Digging for the Truth.

  • Please stay somewhat, kinda on-topic. I'll be weeding out posts accordingly.

  • Acceptable topics, other than show and/or Josh Bernstein stuff, include archaeological/anthropological discussions, news tidbits along this line, and, in moderation, BOSS (Boulder Outdoor Survival School), of which Josh is Prez and CEO. =)

  • This is not really meant to be a shrine to Josh. He's great and he's a nice-looking guy, but there's more to him than that. Otherwise, they wouldn't give him his own show (at least, not on History/Discovery channel)! Like Josh. Like his ideas and methods and his photography, too! Just don't be a nauseating fangirl/boy/thing.

  • NO INTRODUCTORY-ONLY POSTS. No flaming. Think before you open your big mouth (figuratively speaking) to share your opinions.

  • If you want to post icons or other graphics/photos, swell. Please keep it under an LJ-cut. If you don't know how to use LJ-cut, consult the Livejournal FAQ. Please also bear in mind that your art may be subject to copyright laws, depending on where you get the source art from.

  • Indiana Jones/Fedora references will be heartily mocked, smited (smote?), or both. =)

Keep in mind that I can (and probably will) alter the above as proven necessary.

Got it? Good. Now go get cracking on a discussion of some long-dead person or Really Old Thing, and have a good time!