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New season starts tonight! - Digging for the Truth fans
Extreme archaeology community XD
New season starts tonight!
FYI - and I know this is seriously short notice - according to history.com, the new season starts tonight, September 3, at 9 PM ET. The new host is Hunter Ellis, and he's got a little introductory video up on the website.

Digging For The Truth: Mummies of the Clouds
Airs on Monday September 03 09:00 PM
Five hundred years before the Inca, a remarkable band of warriors called the Chachapoya built the greatest stone monument in the Americas. Amazingly, it's three times the size of Egypt's largest pyramid. Yet their civilization has almost vanished without a trace. Join Hunter Ellis as he accompanies a team of archaeologists to reveal its secret contents.

I miss Josh already. ): But here's hoping Hunter carries the torch well ...

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